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21 February 2010


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Cathie B

Your plan looks good. Just keep track of the diapers and you will know if you are pushing it too hard. It's just a good way to monitor.

I am still dealing with a postpartum body - almost 9 months out. 6 babies in 11 years takes a toll on a belly. It really does and it is hard to be patient. I hope I can someday do what you have done and I'm quite sure will do again.


I like your point about good habits reducing stress. I am totally struggling right now.I am four months postpartum and I can't get a good healthy mindset going. I may use some of your ideas if it's ok. I have quite a bit of weight to lose and I am so discouraged.


Cathie, yeah, I hear you about the belly. But the belly shape is more a matter of the abdominal muscles' separation and loss of tone, and of the extra skin left over from pregnancy, than it is a matter of excess body fat.

Even when I was down to 108 pounds between Mary Jane and Leo (having given birth three times) I had a pretty sizable tummy pooch, fortunately not too visible when I had fitted clothes on.

So, I just have taken the attitude that I probably can't do a whole lot about the belly and so I just have to let time do what it can and not feel bad about it otherwise. I guess I could start saving now for my celebratory post-menopausal tummy tuck.

Cathie B

My doctor suggested that I shop around for surgeons to have my abdominal diastasis and umbilical hernia repaired (it will need to be surgically repaired, she informed me) to find one that will throw in a tummy tuck for free ;-). Unfortunately, I also intend to wait until menopause for obvious reasons. Until then, I will have to live with a front that looks like a behind.

When you get a chance, please email me a good site to log my eating and how I go about calculating a "good" number of calories a day for my goal w/nursing a baby...

Amy F

I was able to see a physical therapist between baby #2 and baby #3 who helped me shrink a 3-finger diastasis (and that was 2 yrs postpartum) down to less than a finger. There's a lot that can be done without surgery. I got lazy after that and it widened a bit before this pregnancy, but now I know what I need to do.


Cathie, re: eating log sites, I generally recommend Sparkpeople.com , which has (I think) a very easy to use nutrition tracker.

As for calculating the number of calories to shoot for, no calculation will be perfect and you will be forced to adjust it based on your real experience. So frankly, it seems better to me to use an iterative process from the very beginning. And I know you know how *those* work.

Pick a number. Eat that many daily calories for a week. Did the scale go down or up? Too fast or too slow? Make an adjustment. A difference of 500 calories per day ought to translate to a difference of one pound per week.

Don't get stuck at the "pick a number" stage. I figure 1,800 or 2,000 should be a safe place to start. But if you really want to start with a calculated number, find any online calculator for "maintenance" calories -- what you would need to eat to have zero weight change -- and put in the numbers as if you were not breastfeeding. Then, since you ARE breastfeeding, the extra calories from bfing should take you below maintenance and into some degree of weight loss. But you'll still have to adjust the amount to get the loss rate you are hoping for.

BTW, I find a lot of variation among sites recommending how fast is too fast to lose weight while nursing a new baby. Some say half a pound a week, some say as much as one kilogram (that's 2.2 lbs) is safe...


So how did you do it Amy?

Cathie B

Yes, Amy, do tell! I really don't want to go under the knife if I can help it...btw, I'm at 4 fingers (after 6 babies in 11 years, all but 1 very good sized on a small frame with no waist).

Barbara C.

After three kids, I noticed differences in my body shape that I know had nothing to do with being overweight. Most noticeably my hips widened...I can tell that my pelvic bones have opened up. And I too developed a small pooch. I've accepted it as part and parcel of having kids and getting older..like having a sagging "balcony".

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