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03 February 2010


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Wow. thank you. this is helpful, and beautiful, and brings several different lumps to my throat.


From someone who has never given birth (and may never do so) this is fascinating - and touching!


This and the other one you wrote are some really great writing! I did find it funny, that I wouldn't say I had the same experiences. I don't remember having any feeling relating to the cord, for example.

That moment when the afterbirth is out and I hobble to the bed and lay down. That feeling of being not pregnant. As not pregnant as you can ever get. It's the greatest feeling in the world.

But both entries bring it all back, and make me think that four is a really great number. Four. Not doing all that again.


I'm with Rebekka...this is fascinating and I hope, someday, helpfully informative!


I LOVED THIS POST. I am a 34yo mother of 7. It has been 4 years since my last and we are hoping for another. Reading your post brought it all back for me. In spite of all the difficulties, though, what I associate with all those things you described so well is that extreme and utter happiness I feel at that time to be both loving my newest child and to NOT BE PREGNANT ANYMORE!!!! I wish you all the best, and adore your blog!


Kelly, every time I have given birth, I am absolutely sure I'm never doing that again. It lasts varying amounts of time, in my experience...

I must admit I am still in the middle of it. Spend the whole pregnancy knowing you have to give birth and go through postpartum; spend postpartum thinking, "At least I don't have to look forward to doing this again, anytime soon, maybe never."

I assume it will go away at some point. Perhaps even before menopause. But I refuse to feel guilty about it until the lochia stops.


(and I have read that over and over... "As not pregnant as you can ever get." That is fantastic. I love it.)


Vincent just had his first birthday, so we have plenty of time. ;)

Barbara C.

Plus, Kelly has the "incredible non-sleeping baby", so you can forgive her if she still feels like four is more than enough for her to handle. ;-)

You make a good point, Erin, about how most birth stories stop before the recovery period.


Ha ha, Barbara, so funny of you to mention that. Currently, he is taking two 20 minutes naps a day. He's sleeping decent at night, so I'm trying not to complain too much.

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