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24 February 2010


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Christy P.

Even in our household, this particular song has a special place of infamy.


I have told my husband that if this song somehow gets played at my funeral, I will rise up out of my coffin to make it stop.


This always cracks me up, because I like this song :) I understand all the reasons people give for not liking it, but I still do. Not that I would force it on any of you, but maybe this explains why I have not made the move from farflung-family-picture blogging to Orthodox Catholic faith-blogging :) The OEW disqualification.


Barbara C.

You and me both, Amanda. I have always liked that song. Of course, I do tend to be fond of songs that really fit my singing range well. As a very amateur singer, when I can hit those high notes I feel like I'm soaring.

I wonder if everyone would hate the song so much if "Eagles" was simply changed to "Angels". That would make it more scripturally correct. But I suspect that most of the haters just have abhorrence of the tune itself.


I'm telling you, it's the "yoo hoo."

Cathie B

I'm right there with you, Erin. I strongly dislike that song and they sang it after communion at our new church last Sunday. Ugh...our new church is _not_ orthodox.

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