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18 March 2010


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And don't get me started on the abundance of recipes I haven't tried yet in the abundance of cookbooks on my kitchen shelf. Or on the entire internet.

Cathie B

This goes along with what I was saying...indulgence. Ugh. Here's what has helped my (underscore MY) lunch issues. I bought single portioned dried bean soup mixes. I have a bag of frozen veggies or a large salad with it. Unless we are having company, that is my lunch. It has been hard having Kevin home because he would rather not have whatever the kids are, so I feel the need to make him something different.

I have taken this route and stuck with it to avoid the abundance issue. It has worked. It's just like you said...planning.


I have this too. I am not so interested in leftovers (and right now our menu calendar is more a record of what has happened than a prediction of the future), so I've started figuring out that if we don't eat the leftovers within a day or two I need to pop it in the freezer (we make lots of casserole/stew type things).

We don't shop once a week, so I don't have the everything-at-once problem that you do, but I've had a little luck with reminding myself that this is not the last piece of cake/candy/chocolate/plum/cheese/etc I will ever see. (Especially at work, where patients are always giving us cake or candy when they get discharged, holy cow.)


As I read through your dilemma, you noted the very thought I had in mind -- planning. But related to that is another idea. You know how you felt overwhelmed with all the mess the other day, then you wrote it all down and figured out a solution. If there comes a day when you haven't planned, maybe you could do something similar with that meal: write out a list of all the possibilities that helps you to see them clearly, then you can prioritize what you actually want. It's how I handle things when the to-do list is overwhelming me.


I COMPLETELY identify with this. I try to make a mental note of what will spoil first and go by the list to avoid the decision on my own. . .sometimes it works.


Have you thought about seeing what happens to the baby's sleep schedule if you forgo caffeine? I ask because it has a crazy half-life in a newborn's system, upwards of 90 hours. I've had a couple of children who were very sensitive to it, and their midnight wide-awake times were almost 100% tied to my caffeine consumption.


Echoing Jamie, none of my seven kids have been night owls (the didn't sleep throught the night either, but they'd nurse and go right back to sleep in bed with me) and this might be because I don't drink coffee. How about giving some of the homepathic remedy Calms Forte or Coffea Cruda (I think that's how it's spelled) to your baby?


Erin, How much weight did you gain in this pregnancy in comparison to your other 3? Did starting at a lower weight and working out throughout the pregnancy make a difference, or was your overall weight gain about the same? I'm just curious as I am pregnant with #7 and intend to work out this whole pregnancy, Lord willing.
I'm so impressed you're almost back into normal BMI already!


I'm working from memory here, but I think I got up into the 180's in all of my previous three pregnancies, which would mean gaining 30ish pounds twice and 50ish lbs once. I gained 45 lbs with this pregnancy, going from 108 to 153.

It doesn't seem that the exercise changed how much I gained much.

TBH, I don't think exercise does much to help people lose weight or keep from gaining it, because it stimulates appetite.

But I do think it helped me feel a lot better through the whole pregnancy, and it definitely has been wonderful to feel my body rebound as I recover after childbirth, in a meaningful and noticeable way.


I'm trying no-caffeine-after-4-pm right now. I'm not ready for a harsher remedy yet -- it's still early and I haven't hit a wall yet. As long as I get a good night's sleep, or a hefty nap, every third or fourth day, I can keep going. And maybe he'll straighten out in time.


Regarding the pregnancy weight gain, I think it really depends on the person. Exercise is the only thing that helps me lose weight (I have a very slooooow metabolism). My pregnancies wherein I exercised regularly were the ones that I gained the least weight, felt the best, had the best births and recovered the quickest. Take it from me as a getting-close-to-menopause-mama, you really start to feel the difference as you get older and exercise can make a big difference.

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