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24 March 2010


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You are awesome. How old is she? I love to see kids getting to be hands-on with adult tools. I wish my 5 yo were a little less impulsive so that he could do more of this sort of thing!


It helps when you start with knife skills at eighteen months. Which shocks other people, so you have to do it carefully... and with a lot of attention... and sometimes with a special knife. We took a blunt-ended, serrated spreader and shortened the handle. It slices most vegetables and fruits with a sawing motion, and will cut your hand of you work at it, but impalement is unlikely.

Also, you have to expect that they WILL cut themselves at some point. It's a learning experience.


The younger one (25 mo) cuts mushrooms and cheese with a slightly serrated table knife when he 'cooks' with my husband. He's pretty serious and steady about it. My older son, the 5 yo, used to do that but has gotten so scatterbrained lately that I've not really wanted to give him anything with destructive power (pencils dig holes in the wall, so imagine what he could do with a knife). Nonetheless, he decided to cut an orange with a very sharp knife the other day while I was occupied and did pretty well...until he sliced his finger. Shallow gash, we had a good talk about how to hold and use a knife (and about checking with Mama frst!). We'll get there. :-)


That's the best kind of self-inflicted cut to get! I also like it when my kids get minor burns from the stove. Better "minor" now than "major" another time...

Charlotte (Matilda)

I have a question for you. I tried to email you but it says your box is full. : (


Thanks Charlotte -- should be fixed now.

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