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24 March 2010


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Cathie B

That was the first rule for losing weight that I learned, forgot and now need to re-implement - cutting the restaurant sized portion in half BEFORE eating and taking it home. Restaurants give you HUGE portions, not because that's the right portion size. It's to justify the high cost they need to recoup for rent, employees, electricity, etc. You FEEL like you got your money's worth if it's a HUGE portion.

Thank you for the great reminder. I did that the last time I lost 70 pounds (in 2000). We don't eat out much now. I tend to order off the kids menu if I can get away with it OR order an appetizer or just a side salad.


This reminds me of Zonya on PBS last weekend. One of her Diet Free principles is that if
you ha1f it, you can have it. I need to work on this habit!

What you write about the weight not coming off with just exercise is so true. I've been to the YMCA six mornings a week for 2 months. The scale only moved when we got a stomach virus!! There are, however, now nicely toned muscles developing in my legs and my husband says I'm much nicer to be around :)

It looks like a yummy lunch.

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