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21 March 2010


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I understand the feeling hungry part, but isn't the chilly feeling your body telling you there is something wrong? I had episodes were I was lying in bed shivering under lots of blankets and just couldn't get warm. My naturopath told me that wasn't good and I wasn't taking in enough calories and my body was telling me so. So I'd eat a banana or a bowl of cereal and I'd feel much better and could get to sleep. So from my experience I'd say feeling hungry before a meal is good, but feeling chilly is a sign that I'm abusing my body? Your thoughts?


No, I'm not worried. I don't feel chilly constantly, just periodically. I felt colder when I was losing weight in 2008.

I should note that when I was stable at 156, I ate about *three times* as much food as I do now. I wasn't gaining, so where did the extra calories go? I must have been wasting them profligately as heat. I rarely felt cold back then.

Physiologists can tell you that your tolerance for temperature extremes is variable. You can "reset" your body's "I'm cold!" and "I'm hot!" sensors by exposing yourself to temperature extremes -- soak in enough cool baths and you'll be able to tolerate cold better. I don't think I was used to the sensation of not burning lots of extra calories as waste heat. I don't seem to be quite as cold this time. Even though it's a similarly chilly time of year.

But in a simpler sense -- inherent in the idea of purposeful weight loss is not eating "enough" calories. Your body has to consume itself to lose weight. For that to happen you *have* to eat not "enough" calories. You have to deplete yourself. Which is why the calories you do eat should be accompanied by food of the highest quality you can afford, or tolerate, or whatever.

There are people who will tell you it is unhealthy to eat below a certain minimum -- I keep seeing the number 1200 for women. I can guarantee you I am eating more than 1200 calories per day. And the baby


wow, I've been reading this blog for a few weeks and have been inspired! Been actively trying to lose weight for a year (net zero). I like your ideas. But, don'r you get a headache if you go to bed hungry? When I do I almost always wake up hungry in the middle of the night with a headache. Did you experience this at all? If so, what did you change?


Hm, no, I do wake up a little lightheaded sometimes, but then it's breakfast so I'm OK.

If I ever wake up uncomfortably hungry, so that I can't sleep, I go downstairs and have a small snack, about 150 calories: maybe three crackers with some cheese. But that doesn't happen very often.

I think if I found myself too hungry before morning to sleep, I'd rather try to make sure my dinner was more filling or slower-to-digest, then to reinforce the bedtime snacking habit.

Check out the No S Diet (www.nosdiet.com) for related ideas that I endorse if not follow exactly...

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