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29 March 2010


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Cathie B

I'd love to make Leo such a hat!!!!

Christy P.

What you really need is an adult-sized blanket which the onlooker can drape over his/her eyes. Also useful for diaper changes.


Glad you liked it -- it makes me laugh and laugh. :-)


To be fair, I should add that nobody, neither acquaintance nor stranger, has ever made any comment to me whatsoever about nursing in public, anywhere in Minnesota.

I got a glare at our old parish (not our current one) a couple of times.

I only mention church because it's the one place I frequent where there (a) are always a lot of nursing women and (b) the "norm" appears to be "cover your baby's head with a blanket." I don't do that, although out of deference to the norm I make an effort to wear clothing/sling combinations that enable me to latch on and off with more discretion than I usually bother with.


But I would still totally put such a hat on the baby.


I have never managed to do the cover up thing. It always seems to me like I'm drawing more attention to myself when I try to use one - and then I end up wrestling with the baby the whole time to try and keep it up. Ugh, it just isn't worth it. I do try to wear loose clothing and exercise more caution when nursing at church too, although I've never had a comment about it.

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