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12 March 2010


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Barbara C.

I am very hesitant to give up food items for Lent as well, especially while pregnant. If I give up chocolate,then I'll probably give up the big glass of milk I would drink with it--not a good thing.

I don't think I am really anorexic. But I do have issues with not eating enough calories, so I really don't need anything to make that worse.


I think this is a wonderful post, and it would be a make a great article for Catholic periodicals.

Kate Wicker @ Momopoly

I'm breaking my comment fast here (I attempted to email you, but it bounced back). But Sundays are mini Easters, right? :)

As someone who was treated for an eating disorder, I couldn't agree more with what you wrote. In fact, I had a draft for a post on the same topic in the works, but you beat me to the punch and I'm glad because I think you said what's been on my mind far more eloquently.

Like in years' past, I originally decided to give up chocolate and other sweets as part of my 2010 Lenten resolutions. Then we arrived at the beach with my parents, and my daughters wanted ice cream and so did I, but I fell prey to my old thought pattern. “I have to be in a swimsuit here. I can’t eat that.”

So what did I do? I broke my Lenten promise and I ate a small scoop of ice cream. Instead of fasting on the “evil” food, I fasted on the unhealthy guilt associated with eating it. I fasted on the vanity of worrying what I might look like in a swimsuit if I ate three meals like a normal person.

This proved to be more of a self-sacrifice than denying myself of calories (which is more likely to send me on a power trip about how strong I am to eat less than most people).

I’m not suggesting that some people - even those who have had or have issues with food - cannot benefit from fasting during Lent. Hunger pangs can remind us that our physical hunger is not nearly as strong as our hunger for Christ, the Bread of Life.

But for me, fasting can easily become a way to camouflage my vanity and my hunger for control and a slimmer figure.

At any rate, thank you for the excellent, timely post!

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