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28 March 2010


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Barbara C.

If I exercised (beyond the Amish variety) and owned an iPod, my playlist would probably involve lots of ABBA and ELO, as they tend to pump up my mood.

Barbara C.

Although, I do like me some Queen.


Two Moxy Fruvous songs AND TMBG? Color me impressed. Especially with the Moxy Fruvous, I didn't know they'd ever made much splash out of Canada.


Oh, your timing is perfect. I just started walking with my IPOD and realized that the songs are all calming and uplifting. Well, except for Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakwell, Cars, and 2 Snazzy songs. I was just going to put a request on my blog for some ideas (or dig out my Turbo Jam exercise videos and download those songs)...but I'll be checking into some of your songs and watching the comments for more ideas.


OK Barbara -- specific songs? I'm looking for more.

The only ABBA I can think of off the top of my head is "Dancing Queen." Surely there is more. I don't know any ELO at all...

Re: Moxy Fruvous, I think I must have heard them on NPR back in college. IIRC the song was "My Baby Loves A Bunch of Authors." I heard the first verse, walked out the front door of my apartment and down to World Record on High Street, and bought two of their CDs. I think I was back before Fresh Air was over.

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