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13 March 2010


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Christy P

Another cloth diapering family here -- with our 1st baby, she stayed dry from about 6 weeks. This baby, not so much, and we finally settled on paper diapers for overnight. Primarily because he would wet and not wake up and then wet again and I get wet.


Interesting -- our first also stayed dry at night from about six weeks, enough that we let him sleep barebottomed and without even a pad under him -- the air exposure was a nice antidote to daytime diaper rash.

Neither the second nor the third were reliably dry at night until age three.

Amy F

We started loosely EC'ing with baby #2 -- our version involves offering the potty often but only going bare-bottomed in the summers. The only time my 30-times-a-day-he-pees son reliably stayed pretty dry was at night. He'd still pee, but it would be in a little potty we kept by the bed, maybe twice a night. He only rarely goes all night without peeing now that he just turned 4. He has always fought the potty, but at night he was willing. He has not been the model EC kid by any means -- he began pooping in the toilet at 33 months and doesn't always use the toilet to pee without constant reminders still. Today I think he had 4 accidents, but we're in crazy birthday world and everybody's off-kilter. It's more standard to have a couple a week. We've even had him tested for a couple things because he seemed to pee more than was reasonable and I had ureter reflux as a young child.

I'd like to EC our next baby but part of me wonders if I somehow made things worse and turned it into a 4 year power struggle.

Amy F

Oh, I meant to say that he has been in underwear at night since maybe 18 months -- far earlier than he was during the day. Skipping the pee-soaked ammonia-stinking night diapers was a big draw of ECing for us.


My anecdote is that my loosely-ec'ed two potty trained (mostly) at around 18 months, compared to my non-ec'ed one who trained at 3 years 2 months. I'm sold -- I am too much of a slacker to be a diligent ec'er, but I am just slacker enough to do it loosely (i.e. when it's easy).

I maintain that teaching kids to pee on cue in a toilet as soon as possible, even if they remain in diapers for years afterward, is one of the most useful things a parent can do to reduce frustration in the toddler years. And it's not hard to do either -- Leo already has it figured out, and he's a mostly-diapered six-week-old.


Your reason for being diaper-free at night is similar to why I first went diaper-free with a 4 mo old. We had been team-changing her (I would nurse, dh would quickly change her, we'd all go back to sleep without crying) and then he had a business trip, and I couldn't do up the diapers while nursing.

Dry at night is a lovely thing :)

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