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12 March 2010


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A sling-themed baby shower. What fun that would be . . .

Amy F

Ohhh, a sling shower. What a fabulous idea.

My SIL and I are eyeing woven wraps to buy together -- I'm talking to my friend in Germany about getting a Storch locally and bringing back to the States this spring. Because my 2 KK pouches, Ergo, Moby Wrap, Hot Sling and mei tei don't quite do every possibly job.

I never understood why people all registered for a Baby Bjorn, which would be useless before 6 months with my chunky babies, but balked at an Ergo, which is cheaper. Well, I guess I understand -- the Bjorn is deemed one more necessary thing but Ergos are extraneous. You hit it on the head.


Did you hear the news report (I don't have a link, I heard it on the radio) that some big health organization is saying that slings are unsafe?
My oldest 2 daughters caught it right away and asked if I was going to throw my sling away if we have another baby.
I replied "no" and explained that if you put a newborn (especially) in sling incorrectly they can have breathing problems. This happened to a friend of mine and a nurse friend heard the breathing problem. We all became extra careful after that incident.
May I also put my word in for the Ergo carrier? It's not a sling, but if anyone has back or shoulder problems (I do), it's the perfect carrier after the baby is about 4 months old since it is over both shoulders and weight is on hips. I sling until that point but my body can't support my big babies on one shoulder after that point.


Christy P.

I didn't out you as the person who gifted us our first sling, but of course you were. Thanks!

I hear lots of people tell me "My baby didn't like slings" and then I ask what did they try, and the answer is almost always the same - Bjorn. I wouldn't like to dangle from my crotch either. Don't get me wrong, I would rather see a baby out and about with parents in a Bjorn than left at home, but hey everyone can be more comfortable for fewer dollars!

Barbara C.

We bought our "baby gear" for #4 two weeks ago: car seat and double stroller. This is my first time buying an infant/carrier seat with the intention of actually using it as a car seat. We used a Britax convertible with the other three.

Even in the store, my husband and I commented on how heavy the carriers are WITH OUT the baby. I can't believe people carry their babies around in those things ALL the time.

Other than when we use the carrier with the stroller at the ball field this summer, I think I will be treating it like a convertible and putting the baby in the Maya sling most of the time when we're out.

I really should get a second sling, though, for when the baby gets bigger.

I think one concern people have is that they don't want to pay all the money and get the "wrong" one. I was given a Bjorn at my baby shower and hated it. I like the Maya, but find it harder to use during the winter (then it starts to kill my shoulder as the baby gets bigger and is less convenient for some housework).

At least with strollers and car seats you can usually go to the store and try them out before you purchase. It's not as easy with slings, which are usually purchased over the internet.


Love my slings! My mom makes a new one for us as a gift each time we have a baby. I will set them aside for each of them. But, for now, I have one at home, one in the car, I always bring one in my stroller...I rarely use them anymore with my current 2 year old, but I have carried 2 year olds in them before - I even carried a 3-4 year old after a long hike. Don't leave home without it.

Christy P

Agree - not every sling fits every body or baby.

LLL meetings are a great place to try out slings before buying. I have loaned some out before as testers, too.

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