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14 April 2010


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I find this idea fascinating, and I'm glad you're going to write more about it. I feel like I have a few hold-ups - beyond the logistical, that is. In my case trying to find another Catholic family that is also learning Latin and isn't particularly fond of workbooks seems just about impossible. But I live in a rural/semi-rural county, so I'm sure that is a big factor.

I think I would have a hard time giving up some of the control and vision in my homeschool... and I think the commute time (so to speak) would get to me too. And I wonder if I would feel a certain lack of rootedness by doing that too - at least until I started feeling really at home at someone else's house.

I'm looking forward to reading future posts on the subject!


A friend and I sometimes work together on projects, or get together on some subjects -- this year she's been teaching mine French (intermittently -- we've both been busy) while I direct her son in a play while she watches my kids. And together we teach the first communion class at church in which we each have a child. But we haven't planned out lessons together. Partly that's because our ages don't really line up -- her youngest two are the same age as my older two, and there are plenty of other children on either side -- but also, I'm not sure how jazzed either of us would be by the thought of routinely teaching the other's children. Maybe if I'd known the older ones from infancy it would be different? Do you think it's key to your success co-schooling that you've known the family since your oldest children were just babies?


"Do you think it's key to your success co-schooling that you've known the family since your oldest children were just babies?

I am sure it helps, and probably makes it more enjoyable, but I don't think it's "key" to our success. I think the only prerequisite is that we be motivated enough to work through the inevitable bumps.


My neighbor and I used to co-school a little bit. She taught art to all our kids, I taught Spanish. We often combined the kids in math games as well. But those first 2 classes were weekly. I miss that. I think it benefits the kids and the moms :)


I really like this idea. Thank you for sharing.

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