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25 April 2010


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Oh, I so wish I were there! I love how you express yourself in terms of diet. You really have thought it all out.


I, too, love the way you express yourself. I am somewhere in the middle - closer to where you used to be. I am finally at the point where I realize I don't feel good after eating so much or eating junk. You've truely given me encouragement that I too can get to the "normal" point if I keep trying. THANK YOU


I've been really encouraged and inspired by your weight loss story. Thank you so much for blogging about it!

I think I'm ready to give it a try, but I have one question. I get bad hunger headaches when I get hungry. After reading your stuff, I actually kind of wonder if they are stress headaches from being worried about being hungry. Did you get hunger headaches? Are they safe to ignore?

Thanks so much!


Wendy, re: headaches, I really don't know. Back when I was heavy, I used to get light-headed when I went more than a couple of hours without eating, and that got better as I shifted away from the refined carbs. But the theory that they're from being worried has merit.

I guess I wouldn't ignore the headaches, but it might be wise to try carrying small healthful snacks and having them on schedule, and experiment with reducing the size and frequency to see what happens. If you think that you have a fear of hunger, then it's worth taking steps to prove to yourself that being hungry won't hurt you and isn't as unpleasant as you may fear. There are some gudelines for this in a decent book called the Beck Diet by Judith Beck.


I struggle with this, being pregnant, because (odd as it may sound) at six months pregnant I can't reliably tell when I'm full at mealtime. Though I can tell later if I've overeaten...

I don't have any fears of being hungry, but man, I just love me the taste of good food! Sometimes I think it would help me stay in my pregnancy weight goals if I ate only stuff I didn't like -- that way I could be sure I'd never inadvertently exceed my full-o-meter. :)


MrsD, there's always the "one-plate-and-you're-done" strategy at mealtimes. It's fairly easy to put into practice because you just can't lie to yourself about whether you're done or not. I find "eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full" to be singularly bad advice for me, because (a) my hunger signals aren't great, although they're better now than they used to be and (b) it's really easy to lie to myself about whether I still "have room." I tend to slip into the notion that "if I'm not painfully stuffed, I must still be hungry."

Colleen C

Hello, fellow Minnesotan. We have a lot in common. I read about your blog when I visited Minnesota Mom's blog. I am older than you, but I am SHORT too! I look like you! And I'm trying to lose some weight. Loved your blog. I would like to lose 15 lbs., but I can't seem to get anywhere! You are my goal! BTW, I really hate to change my well-laid plans, I homeschool (in the past I did co-schooling) and I don't like large parties with people I DON'T know. Colleen

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