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27 April 2010


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Christy P.

This is a really nice post, not only for people thinking about weight losing or maintaining, but for anyone considering more healthful eating. May I add a modest suggestion? You can bring your own takeout container I am not so good as to keep them in my bag, but a couple of appropriate plastic containers can live in the car ready to be put into service. That way you aren't at the whim of the size container they have available or are willing to give you. Your container is more likely to keep odors inside and not spill, and your carbon footprint is just a little smaller.


These are wonderful ideas. Since I have to eat gluten free (as do my children) some of these are second nature for us. We often order one of the loaded nacho appetizers to split as an entree for several children (3 or more!). My 9 year old doesn't like fast food burgers so she routinely orders a side salad and fries or the fruit offered and fries. Not the most balanced, maybe, but she's learning to order only what she wants. The rest of us get burgers without buns and whatever side we want.

At places like Village Inn (maybe Denny's and IHOP, too?) many of the entrees come with sides of toast or pancakes. I can't eat those, but they never complain about substituting fruit for me. The 2 egg breakfast with fruit as a side is a great supper (though I could probably do with only one egg).

Thanks again for such great ways to think "off the menu".

Christy P., I'm going to add some takeout containers to my van. I have extras of those little Glad containers that lunch meats and such come in. Great idea!


Christy, I am flattered that you like the post. It is amazing how flummoxed I used to be by menus, until it occurred to me that simply ordering less than a full meal would solve most of the problems I was having.

And thank you for the takeout container suggestion. There are a couple eco-crunchy places around here that won't even supply you with takeout containers... bring your own or the doggies starve.

Tabitha, I rarely order "kids meals" for kids because I view them as training grounds for supersized value meals. We'll sometimes get one small fry to split 3-4 ways, and then get everyone the apple slices or whatever. Or I'll set arbitrary rules like, chocolate milk OR fries but not both.


These are great suggestions. You should write a book. Your posts on weight have been more than helpful for me. I have several bookmarked and go back and re-read them frequently. Thanks!

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