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28 April 2010


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Great article! I've actually had quite a bit of exposure to this topic, since I had to take a class dedicated to the sacraments for my theology major in college. The professor was a priest who was obsessed with the sacraments of initiation (we joked that the class should have been called "Baptism" instead of "Sacraments") so we got it drilled into us that the American treatment of the sacrament of confirmation is All Wrong.

Interestingly, my own parish does confirmation in seventh grade, which I'm pretty sure is the very earliest our diocese allows. I'm glad about that.

Nomad Librarian

Thanks for linking to this! It's funny...I actually spent most of tonight addressing these misconceptions with my 3rd grade CCD class. While I hope I cleared them up, I'm mostly happy to end the year with the kids knowing what the Sacraments are, and what the Eucharist is (spotty at best earlier this year...scary, considering they received their first Holy Communion last year).

Barbara C.

I've actually been thinking about this a lot lately, even though I am not sure I fully understand what Confirmation is after all the twaddle I was taught.

My parish does Confirmation in eighth grade, but I've seriously thought about asking our DRE about allowing our oldest to receive it earlier, like maybe third or fourth grade. (She's doing FHE this year--First Grade--and I would like a year off from the crazy RE hoops.)

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