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10 May 2010


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Please be careful if you notice ANY foot pain. I have dealt with plantar fascillitis twice. The first time occured shortly after my 5th child was born (I was told by 2 docs it's a good time to get it - something about whatever makes your body loose for labor and loosen other things too - but I never did look into that). I had it for 6 years, and I was also told going barefoot was a major contributing factor. I finally had a coritzone shot because I couldn't take the pain while up with a newborn at night, they don't appreciate mamma crawling. The second time was recently and due to an injury, playing soccer on an uneven yard with none supportive shoes. It certainly doesn't happen to everyone. But, if you suddenly start waking up in the morning with a sore heal that feels better as the day goes on, take it seriously. It gets bad very quickly. But...have fun! Just wanted to warn you.


I have Vibram 5-Fingers and I love them! I'm not running 5k's, but I've done a lot of walking and sprinting in them. All day at Six Flags recently and my feet felt much better than in running shoes.

You do have to break them in though. You have to get used to the toes, and you can get wicked blisters on the bottoms of your feet if not careful. Achilles and calves also need a break-in period.


RealMom, as far as I can tell the theory is that PF is not caused by being barefoot some of the time, but by wearing shoes most of the time (and thereby weakening the foot). That said, the point is taken that going cold turkey could lead to injuries.

I'm not sure I have the guts to try barefoot running on hard surfaces, though there's something primally appealing to the prescription, mentioned in the book, of running barefoot on dewy grass 3 x per week. My feet have not given me any problems, but I have been running less than 2 years and have not abused my feet too much in my pre-running days with pinchy-toed shoes or high heels (or expensive athletic shoes for that matter).

Also, I live in Minnesota, where it's cold a lot. So there's that.


Sara, thanks for the review! They certainly look cool. :-)


Makes sense to me. Not that I'm a runner; but I've had a terrible time finding shoes that feel comfortable on my feet. My brother has the five finer shoes and loves them. I think he's on his second pair.

Kim (in IA)

I thought it was such a fun book to read. I'm not completely sold on the barefoot running but it certainly did make me skeptical of the running shoes business. I also found the whole culture of ultra-marathoners intriguing and crazy.

Amy F

I'm reading this, after a co-worker lent my husband a copy. Dan tried running barefoot through the neighborhood last week (he hasn't run in years) and after feeling significant soreness over the next few days, decided to go for fast walking for now and ramp up. He's thinking about making sandals like that. I'm enjoying the book too, although I can only hit a fast walk on days when my tailbone is behaving itself. My belly is cantilevered out too much to move quickly at this point. Biking is still comfortable, at least.

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