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24 May 2010


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Wow, I'm completely impressed. I'm having a hard time resisting temptation on my travel days. I spent all day today in airports and on airplanes and totally blew it. It's late and I had to sprint to catch my last flight so all I'd eaten since breakfast was some almonds I brought along. A Wendy's next door to the hotel drew me in and I caved to a cheeseburger and fries. I really didn't need the fries and I feel rather guilty about my choices and lack of preparation today, your post is a reminder that I can do this and travel is no excuse.


Just curious . . . would this have been different (i.e., less food) if you weren't nursing?


Erin, I never answered your question. I don't think it seems like a lot of food, especially given the 40 minute run and that you are a nursing mom. I take it that you no longer use sparkpeople for daily tracking?


Would it have been different if I weren't nursing... Maybe. I am still hoping to drop a few pounds from the pregnancy, and am hoping that the nursing provides the necessary deficit. I am not eating less food than I need to feel satisfied, but I'm working to avoid eating (much) unnecessary food. I'm being careful not to eat mindlessly, not to overindulge. And no, I'm not tracking right now...

Please remember that I'm not very big to begin with -- less than 5 feet tall and now less than 120 pounds. So I don't require that many calories. Not counting the contribution of nursing, my maintenance level at my prepregnancy weight would've been around 1500 calories per day. I'm looking at eating half sandwiches for the rest of my life, basically.


Re: travel not being an excuse, it's a reasonable excuse if you don't travel often, and so it's the exception rather than the rule. Also it's a reasonable excuse if you have never sat down and thought through the different options you have and really planned them out. I've written before that it's very difficult to make spur-of-the-moment choices without the experience gained by many carefully planned choices. Also, now that I'm out of the habit, a meal of cheeseburger and fries will literally make me sick, and so I am never tempted by it. I can eat either but not both.

There is some really good discussion of travel food in the book by Walter Willett and Mollie Katzen, _Eat, Drink, and Weigh Less._


It's interesting you would mention getting sick from a cheeseburger/fry meal. I noticed the same issue last night. I can't imagine eating that much greasy non value add food again. Thanks for the book recommendation.

Christy P

I have been thinking about this sentence "(I have memorized the exits at which fast food playlands can be found all the way from Minneapolis to Cincinnati)"

Our road travel occurs almost entirely in the west where distance between exits is long and even fast food options are sparse, so we tend to pack food for road trips and stop at city parks to eat and play. Consequently, I know where to find the park in many small towns in Utah and Wyoming. Usually next to the library which is almost always on Center Street, or next to the elementary school. The good news is that in smallish towns, you never have to look very long.


I wish! It's usually too cold for us to do the city park option. The fast food playlands are generally a decent compromise that gets the kids moving at least a little bit.

Unfortunately, even these increasingly include video games which defeat the purpose, as we have to keep shooing our children away from the screens and back into the play structure. I don't get it; they've been sitting for hours, why do they KEEP sitting when we let them out?

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