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23 May 2010


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Erin, these are great!! I think that it is a wonderful idea to have eating in moderation as the end goal for its own sake.... One of the things I read in Schwarzbein Principle is that we need to be healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to be healthy... I think this follows right along that thought process...


See, this is the thing. I've been wondering if people can make themselves want the behavior, not just because of the intended result (weight loss). Because people will work very hard to do something they want to do... if not to get something they think they want.

Thought of another one:
"Now that I'm not used to it, eating big meals with lots of fried things makes me feel kind of ill later on."

And: "If I skip my bedtime snack, I feel so much better in the morning" (which is true.)


There are several things You have written that I would like to put on cards and review everyday! I have tried to lose weight for so many years I just want to be at peace with the world of food. Everytime I start a diet I feel like I'm going to war. The concept of moderate eating has never been one of my goals. I would love to start out with some simple rules that are not all about the food but about me eating moderately because it is a good thing to do.


Thanks for the post! That’s true for myself as well. I find it hard to be gentle and realistic but when I do manage it, it gives me not only good results but also happiness.

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