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18 May 2010


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Allergies excepted, it's indeed gluttonous to ask that your host conform the dinner to your imagined dietary requirement.

This is so true, and I believe that it's one of the reasons that people on a "diet" often sabotage their own efforts by fighting against friends who could be a support network. People who draw a lot of attention to their food preferences often alienate a host who might like to be accommodating; someone who takes what is served cheerfully and in moderation is a pleasure. And "I'm saving room for X" is a powerful weapon in the dieter's arsenal, because it's not a rejection of the host's food (and by extension, the host) but an acknowledgment that the best is coming.

Christy P

Balance over a lifetime I always say.


I am now eating half sandwiches thanks to you. Yes, that is half meant as a curse. Who eats half a sandwich for lunch?? I do. With a piece of fresh fruit.

Barbara C.

This is a relevant concept for Catholics during Lent as well...to not make a big deal over what they can't eat (i.e. meat).


Yeah, Barbara, I was thinking about that. Also meatless Fridays outside Lent, because however commendable the practice, the fact is that right now it's optional... Tough call though between being a sign of contradiction and being a sign of pickiness.


Small victory for me today. I went to the store reassuring myself that it was ok to get a twelve pack of coke. I made it past the soda aisle. I then went to the coolers at the checkout to get just one small bottle of coke and took a bottled water instead. The words,"I don't do that anymore" ran through my head. Actually, this is a huge victory for me! Thank You for this blog

Cathie B

Thank you for always being an accommodating eater at my house post diet. I haven't had the same success with my own family members after they've lost weight.

I always try to accommodate the guest because we are a hard lot to serve (with 7 major allergens between the lot of us). What is worse than the pickiness is the person who won't tell you what they WILL eat or CAN eat when you want to accommodate them. I have a relative that still brings her own food. I try to check that stuff out before I have people over since we're so tuned into allergies. It's very frustrating wanting to help, but not being allowed.


Re: when you were low carb... luckily, I like zabbouli ;)

The image I always keep in mind when considering being charitable to the host is a relative on my husband's side of the family who refused to eat any of the meal that his grandmother (in her late 70's) got up at 5 am to prepare for him and his family. Especially the homemade fried pies that she had made from the produce of her own trees. It seemed suddenly so clear that it was not loving to treat someone this way. Eat the darn fried pie and make up for it later, makes a clumsy motto but a good policy.


Excellent and reasonable advice!


It occurred to me that it does happen that the family cook sometimes really does try to undermine people who are trying to change their eating habits, so I ought perhaps mention it -- but that's a different issue when it is someone you are living with day to day (having lots of meals with the person) rather than when you are a temporary guest. Open-ended or long visits (e.g. being an exchange student, being temporarily homeless and relying on the hospitality of friends or relatives) are sort of in between....


Congratulations Kathy. :-) I still like a fountain Coke once in a while but it really is once in a while...


Every now and then I crave the taste of a fountain Coke, but when I get one it never seems to taste like I think it will. You'll never get that taste from canned or a bottle -- maybe the taste doesn't actually exist except in my imagination.

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