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18 May 2010


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Barbara C.

Home-made whipped cream? Or is that pushing it? LOL

Christy P

Our strawberries have flowers, but no fruit yet.

Christy P

BTW - we had the same Tupperware kid cups in the 1970's and 80's. I still use an orange 10 in square container for storing baked goods.


Speaking of baked goods... do you have a good bran muffin recipe to recommend?


Christy P

Hi Jenny - I have been making sourdough bran muffins with a variety of dried fruit ingredients and they are quite good. If you aren't into sourdough, I default for many baked goods to Moosewood. Google Moosewood bran muffin and click through to their basic muffin recipe with many modifications possible!




Not whipped cream, but premium vanilla ice cream. "Homemade" brand, a regional variety available in southern Ohio.


Check my search box for muffin recipes. You can take ANY muffin recipe, and I do mean any, and replace half the flour with oat bran and the other half with whole wheat. Increase the sugar and liquid a bit, possibly by adding an egg and/or by using maple syrup or honey instead of granulated sugar.

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