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03 May 2010


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Excellent post! I've done this countless times, when really I was only justifying eating more food than I needed to be eating. To put it not so nicely, in the words of the No S diet, "If you're like most overweight people, it's no mystery why you're fat. You're fat because you eat too damn much."

Margaret in Minnesota

What's wrong with really needing to drink more margaritas?


Margaret, funny.

I think you'll notice that there is nothing *wrong* with deciding to consume more of things. (Mark and I have actually been trying to drink more alcohol, believe it or not, because we drink less than the optimum seems to be for heart health....)

It's just that this is often not compatible with a goal of weight loss! A forest-for-the-trees thing.

The other quote from the No S diet which helped shake me, personally, was "If you're 50 lbs overweight, you have no business worrying about antioxidants."

Because this used to be a real problem for me -- I'd keep convincing myself that I needed more protein or calcium and before you knew it I'd had a second breakfast....


I'm really good at convincing myself that I need more chocolate...


Another great post on weight loss. I am about 80 lbs overweight and have,in the past, become so wrapped up in what I should and should not eat that I have failed to take on the real problem of over-eating. Thank You for sharing your journey. It gives me hope!


I know I need to eat more protein, but the goal of that is so that baby will gain weight. I want to eat less carbs to keep my weight steady, while eating more protein to keep her weight up. Eating for two, indeed.


MrsD, none of this post should be construed to apply to the gestational-American community.


This was a revelation to me when I started to lose weight. Prior, I always thought that if I ate something sweet, I needed to balance it with something healthy--one of the problems of eating dessert first-which I've always been prone to do.


I did the same thing, BettyD -- I look back on all that and I have to laugh at the contortions my not-exactly-stupid brain went through in order to get more goodies. Amazing.


"Gestational-American" -- the new special interest group! I've never been part of a hyphenated minority before. :)

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