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28 May 2010


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Barbara C.

I think those are interesting lessons about note-taking and being able to discern important points from an oral narration.

However, are you planning to teach two different history lessons to each cohort? Could you/would you take a one-room schoolhouse approach using a combined lesson with different levels of participation for each age group?


We have done that some in the past, and I agree that it would be more efficient if we were designing the curriculum ourselves.

With SOTW, though, there is a certain progression of narrative-comprehension ability from Vol. 1 (Ancients) through Vol. 4 (modern times). Ancients is aimed at first or second grade. And we've got kids coming up who are just the right age to start with it.

What we might do, though, is get the older kids sometimes to lead the discussion for the younger ones, or help them with the projects... kind of the reverse of the idea of "let the younger ones listen in and participate at a lower level."

Nancy Piccione

Wow, I like your ideas here! We just finished SOTW Volume 4. Here's how we did it:

To promote active listening, for each chapter:
one of us reads aloud the questions in the activity book, then we all listen to the excellent Jim Weiss audiobook.

Then we answer the questions, older dc (9 & 12) answer in writing, 7 yo verbally.

We do the mapwork; each of us has a map.

We also enjoyed the other assorted activities, esp. the games and crafts (loved the model of the crystal palace in Vol 4) and again, involvement level depends on the age of children.

My favorite part of the activity books are the corresponding literature selections. With all 4 volumes, we've discovered or re-discovered a wealth of great literature to enrich our study of the time periods. Vol 4 books often have to be previewed, but we've still had plenty to read. We're big readers.

Rachel @ Grasping for Objectivity

That's REALLY great!! I homeschooled all my life, but we never co-schooled. However, I've been thinking about how to do that between me and my friends as we start homeschooling our own kids - I'm excited to see that other people are already doing it! I'll have to read up on it on your blog.

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