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18 May 2010


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Charlotte (Matilda)

Looks fine to me but I'm reading on a Mac that can make the whole page look bigger if I need it to be. And when I read on Google Reader, it looks fine, too.


Same here . . . it's always looked fine to me. Stay with the tried and true blue!


it all comes up the same in Google Reader. :)


It's too small for my eyes but I just always zoom in my screen when I read you. ;-)


Leave well enough alone... unless the teacher will give you extra credit ~ or are you looking for something to distract you from training for the 5k?

In Internet Explorer, pressing
will make it larger temporarily for anyone who needs it. ~Shirley


Now that you mention it, it does look more like 8 pt font to me than the usual 12. But I usually read on my cell phone, so I make the text larger. Going up a bit would be helpful, but not worth too much trouble.


It is a bit hard for me to read, but I guess maybe I should figure out a way to enlarge it, like everyone else seems to...

Cathie B

Hasn't anyone told them about control scroll????? I am looking at your blog right now in about 24pt because I am, indeed old and nearsighted. Folks - hold down the control button and use the scroll wheel on your mouse. You can make the font bigger!!!

Okay, now that I'd done being a crabby old curmudgeon, I like new. Have fun.


I think it's not just the size, but the typeface - some of your letters are a little squished, or run together. It could be what I remember in my old graphic arts days, the leading - the spacing between letters. I don't happen to like the typeface you use, but, hey, I'm right brained and not left. I still read the content (with my nose to the screen - but I need bifocals anyway).

Cathie B

I'm back to say I closed my browser. When I came back to this blog from a new browser window, I was still at 24pt. I use Firefox, so I don't know that the same would hold true with anything else.

And, I like your cactus picture, too.

Jennifer Fitz

I use ctrl + (ctrl key and the "+" key) in Firefox to make the font bigger.

In my (now dated) experience, Explorer doesn't zoom pages as well as Firefox does.


I like the small font - it adds a quieter tone to the strong opinions... (and I'm using a teenty-tiny netbook).


I had no idea about the control scroll option. Thanks guys!


Wow! Cathie, that is a very nice trick!

(Maybe I won't change it after all if it's not bothering my usual readers. It's when I get linked from elsewhere that I hear about it...)


I've never had problems with your typeface. In fact yours is one of the blogs I classify as being restful on the eyes. I don't mind reading longer pieces here as I do at other places because the font and color scheme are not obnoxious.

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