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06 June 2010


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My roommate who lived in Spain for a year taught me about tortilla; but I never thought of putting in lots of other veggies. I think I'll have to try this. Especially next time I'm pregnant when I can't do my usual daily oatmeal and need to find more interesting ways to make eggs.

Barbara C.

This sounded really good, and I don't even really like omelets or anything mixed with my eggs except salt/pepper. I whipped this up with some mushrooms and "Mexican-style" shredded cheese. It really hit the spot.


cool! italians do something of the same thing called the frittata, which is often dinner at our house. i'll use 10 eggs, a heaping amount of whatever vegs i have onhand, and instead of trying to flip the monster, i finish it under the broiler. awesome fridge-velcro!


Fridge-velcro? I think I get it but I'm not sure! Hm.

I like frittatas, and you're right, this is similar to a frittata, except it is only for one person and so it can be flipped fairly easily. There is also the problem that I am nervous about putting a nonstick skillet under the broiler.

If I want to do a BIG eggs-and-veggies for dinner these days, I usually either commit to the stovetop or the oven. Scrambled eggs, or else I go to yet another culture -- Persia -- and make a dish called a "kuku." It's pretty much the same process as my one-egg omelette except it's bigger and it's baked in a well-oiled Pyrex baking dish.


heh-- fridge-velcro: a dish that attracts the bits and bobs floating around in your fridge that would otherwise go unused. :-) it makes me sound so much more hip than saying, "uh, casserole. again."

i definitely need to try the cut-then-flip method!


Thanks, I'm going to try this. We make something here we dubbed called MN Scramble. Basically the same recipe but I just scramble the egg, dump in some tiny cubed potatoes, onion, and whatever leftover vegies I have one hand. This filled me up and I lost weight starting my day this way. But, I really dislike the taste of eggs...so I add a lot of spices.

Kara from Mama Sweat

One egg for breakfast... oh dear, I've been overdoing it! Love this idea. It's what's for breakfast tomorrow (with one egg!)

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