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07 June 2010


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I ran into that letter once before in an old edition of the Teacing Company's set of American History lectures. Absolutely searing.

That's the second really interesting TNC post I've run into in as many weeks, I should start reading him. Since Douthat left, Megan McArdle had been the only Atlantic blogger I'd been reading.


Yes, TNC is definitely worth reading, especially on the history of slavery and the Civil War, which he comes at not as an expert but as an ordinary person grappling with it. Very good writing and great commenters. For some fun threads, I recommend searching for posts about haircuts.

Gasp! Erin reads a liberal blog!

I try always to have at least a short list of politically liberal blogs to read that are well-written, fair-minded, and have thoughtful, regular commenters -- I don't want to live in an echo chamber, and I think it's important to be in touch with the best writing on both sides of any issue. Not, as so many do, be in touch only with bad writing that you can pretend is the best writing by your opponents and thus feel superior about.

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