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21 June 2010


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Any other ideas for sardines? I think I would really like them (I love canned smoked oysters), but I'm not sure I can get over the mental image of eating them from the can right off the bat. Have you ever tried incorporating them in a sauce or dressing (besides caesar)?

I think you've mentioned this before, but I also find it hard to incorporate a mentality of eating "more" of anything, even if it is superfood.


Erin: Caesar salad includes anchovies, not sardines! Please don't eat anchovies out of the can, your sodium intake will go through the roof. I usually eat the sardines with crackers or toast. Check out the link I added in the update, too.

Yeah, I did write about the problem with "more" in the post entitled, "The resolution that is least likely to take off excess weight." If you think of it in terms of frequency instead of quantity, it's less troubling. It seems okay to say, "I should try to eat oatmeal more often" but not okay to say "I should try to eat more oatmeal." Every day you have to eat something, after all.


Oh dear, I crack myself up. I read sardines and envisioned anchovies. I was a little befuddled and put a note on my checklist to investigate the nutritional information for anchovies. I couldn't believe that their high sodium level would be justified.

I've got a camping trip next week, sardines and crackers seem like good camping food, I'll put it on my grocery list!


I usually keep a bag of frozen blueberries for quick adding to oatmeal for breakfast. Alas, in the first trimester I can't do oatmeal for breakfast, it triggers the nausea for some reason. So much for my favorite breakfast. Now it's eggs, eggs, eggs. I really don't like eggs all that much.

But I can do blueberries in yogurt so long as I throw in some nuts for extra protein. In fact, think I'll do that now.

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