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06 June 2010


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Christy P

I can let you try the Ergo, too. Just LMK and I will bring it.

Christy P

BTW I am always flattered when you link to me. :-)


What kind of wrap do you use for this?

It looks like it would be very comfortable once you got it right. Though I'm a bit dubious about Ben's being patient while I tried to figure it out. I'm not too long on patience myself. I do think I need some way to carry him on my back. My biggest frustrations with the sling was my inability to really use my hands. I feel like I can't really do the things I want to do like cook. Now that he's able to crawl we're both much happier.

Amy F

I'll have to try that one with my niece. Although I might have too much belly for it now. I can either use my Ergo for back carries or wrap carries that leave the front fairly free. I'll have to help my SIL try it, at least. I think we've been trying a rucksack carry of some sort. We have a lot of practicing to do before comfortably wrapping by ourselves.


I use a Didymos for this -- you need a fairly long wrap-type carrier (the "really long piece of cloth" kind.)

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