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28 June 2010


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Cathie B

Erin - what an awesome idea. Mark - it is fun to look into the psychology of husbandry. I'm quite sure that Kevin does similar things (listens, kind of... catching the important things).

This was great!


My response was to do a regression analysis on her weight loss data and use it to estimate the normal variation in her weight.

Love it!

Charlotte (Matilda)

Thank you, Mark, for sharing your perspective. Lots to think about here!


This is very helpful. Erin, is there a post somewhere in which you list the eating rules you developed for yourself? I looked through the chronological index and didn't see them.


This was really helpful. I'm always asking my husband for help with my weight loss and he tries but I think he and I are not sure exactly how he can help. This post gives some good tips!


Martha, there is a short series about the habits (not really rules) for weight loss and maintenance. The introduction is here:



This was really great.


"she could go naked;"
that option has potential, no?


hmm, not for this body that's given birth 4x!


So, she talked a lot, and you pretended to listen.

You're a prince.


@Lisa: Yup, he's pretty great. :-)

I don't think it comes through in Mark's writing how very, very much his patient attention, which he's described honestly, helped me.

I lost forty pounds that year, something I never managed to do before. I owe a lot of it to the help he offered when I finally asked for it.

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