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12 June 2010


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This is beautiful and profound. I've struggled for a long time to understand the devotions to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart and they've never really made sense to me. Not really on an intellectual level and certainly not emotionally.

In fact I sort of decided at the beginning of this year that I'd dedicate this year to pondering the Sacred Heart devotion, try to understand what it means for me, what it's calling me to do.

This post has brought me closer to that goal than anything else I've read. I understand cortisol and oxytocin, the bodiliness of mother love and marital love. This is something to ponder: the bodiliness of divine love in the incarnation.


And if the Sacred Heart refers to bodiliness of divine love in the Incarnation, then the Immaculate Heart would refer to the bodiliness of human love as it was meant to be in the original plan.

Thank you Melanie! Sometimes I write dumb things so it's nice to know when they work. I could be pushing it on the oxytocin thing -- I am afraid that as a mother of young children I am forever seeing things in terms of amateur attachment theory (when I'm not seeing them as engineering problems). But I am pretty sure that the essence of Heart in Catholic tradition, and so the mysteries of Immaculate Heart/Sacred Heart, has to do with body, with flesh. "The bodiliness of divine love" in the case of the Sacred Heart; the truth following from that, that the Sacred Heart emerges from Mary's heart (His flesh from her flesh); that the Immaculate Heart is a bodiliness of human love untouched by original sin. I think it may help us come closer to understanding why the immaculateness was necessary, or why it was chosen if not necessary.


Wonderful reflection -- I never really thought about how the "heart" is the center of our body/soul fusion. But it seems true. And the thought that biologically and temporally, the Sacred Heart post-dated the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is also a wonderful thought to ponder.

When pregnant with my children, I used to reflect that just as the primary rhythm of their lives was my heartbeat, so it must have been for Jesus with Mary. It makes one think how good and generous our God is. I noticed that the Gospel reading for this Sunday was about hearts too -- and how Jesus responded to the sinful woman's loving heart more than to the Pharisee's rigorously righteous deeds and words.

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