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10 June 2010


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Cathie B

Thank you for this post. I have been struggling with a belief system that I need to serve LOTS of protein to my family. I'm trying to slowly back off and let a little natural selection take place.

I have one child that would eat no protein (or so I thought). What it is really is that he craves white carbs. So, I'm working on getting him moved toward whole grains and pushing so hard on the protein, because, I think, really he was just feeding the sugar need and needed protein because the white food was not satisfying. Whole grain foods are satisfying.

Sorry for the thinking out loud, but this helped greatly. As usual, your post was tremendously helpful.

Cathie B

I meant to say in the second paragraph that I would stop pushing so hard on the protein...


I'd love to move toward more whole grains and less meat. I just can't quite convince my husband to eat that way.

The kids only have meat a few times a week, though, because often our meat dishes are spicy. But they get plenty of cheese and yogurt and peanut butter and whole grain breads and seem to grow like weeds.

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