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16 July 2010


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Wow, that is fascinating, thanks for sharing!


That's an interesting article, but I think it raises more questions than it answers. I wonder how brain scans would compare for other "pleasure" triggers--do they rank lower for obese people than for people with lower weight? Is the problem not exactly "high-food-pleasure", but "high-food-pleasure compared to other pleasures". In _The End of Overeating_, he talks about people who are not overweight largely because they have coping mechanisms for dealing with being highly fixated on food--I wonder if these people (of whom I am definitely one) would also have similar brain scans as someone who is obese. What about really focusing on experiencing pleasure in non-food related ways? Could that reduce the power that food holds? Rhetorical questions, obviously.

I've been enjoying reading your blog--my BMI categorizes me as the high end of "normal weight", with a fairly small frame, and I see a lot of similarities between how you related to food and how I do. I've been inspired to examine some of my assumptions--like about when to stop eating. What a shocking discovery to find out that I can stop eating _while I am still hungry_, and a little bit later I'm not hungry anymore. That was a really strange experience (even though I had heard the whole 20-minutes-to-feel-full thing before).


Adrienne, those are really good questions.

I find that I continue to "really focus" on experiencing pleasure through food -- if anything I try to do it even more mindfully than before, as in "waiting to sit down and enjoy my dinner from a plate rather than nibbling on its ingredients while cooking." It's less a matter of denying myself pleasure than of deferring it to the appropriate time.

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