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01 July 2010


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That sounds great! It's something I should probably look at closer just for myself even :) I didn't "get" history in school, all those discombobulated facts but we never learned the story. If fact, I am embarrassed to there are a lot of things on your list I don't even know about. So, I WILL be looking closer at your list and learning a few things on my own. Last year we studies American Railroad History and I made my own plan. I intended to spend 2 weeks on the First Transcontinental Railroad but we ended up spending 9-12 and pared down the rest. Everyone was so interested in it and it seemed everytime we discovered something else we delved into it.


I great book to use as a spine for US history is the new "Sea to Shining Sea" from the Catholic School Textbook Project. http://www.catholictextbookproject.com/


That looks good - such "modern" history is rarely ever covered in school - usually the curriculum only gets to WWII!

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