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09 July 2010


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Summer suppers are interesting, especially with the "less meat" angle.

Also, I am not a homeschooler, but am fascinated by how people put together curricula for their kids, so I'd read about that too.


The ones I'm most interested in:

- the travails of planning my next school year

- summer dinners (see, I told you, boring)

- what it was like to fill out my first questionnaire after enrolling in the National Weight Control Registry as a research subject

- on trying to practice detachment this week by allowing myself cheerfully to be interrupted by the children


Ooh, ooh, I wanna know what you guys eat for dinner when it's stiflingly hot.

And I've been waiting for more from you on Frances de Sales.

So those are my votes!


Very interested in the summer dinners and the meals with less meat.


I'd be interested in summer dinners and what it was like to fill out your first questionnaire in the National Weight Control Registry. The idea of being a research subject is right up there with being on a jury, fascinating!


I'd love to hear your thoughts on _Introduction to the Devout Life_. I got it down off my bookshelf with the idea of reading along. I enjoy your analysis of things.


I've been waiting to hear more about your rules for eating that your husband referred to in his recent post.


I'm curious to hear your thoughts about plastic surgery after weightloss...specifically, if you are as tempted to get a tummy tuck as I am.


I'm late, but I was just wondering yesterday how Latin has been going for you now that you're a couple of years in. What books do you use, are you teaching it okay with no experience with the language, do the kids like it, etc.


Yow! That's what I get for asking for requests: requests. I will work my way through these over the next few days!

Martha: I answered you in the comments on Mark's post.

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