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15 July 2010


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Those are great! And so cool that they can be put together to make one big table. And extensions to your dining table? Ingenious.


Now, see? I would NEVER think so far in advance. Not at all. I would have bought 3 desks (of one height, fixed them against the wall, bought a "church" table (at a second height...) from Lowe's for the extra kids, and my dining room table would be a third height!

I am amazed at your planning!

Dorian Speed

Oh, how clever!

Also, are you in...hmmm, not sure if you tell people where you live or not...what I'm getting at here is that there is a little girl in a couple of those photos who I'd swear is a Darwin.


I have never met the Darwins in real life.


Erin, that really rocks! I'm rethinking my schoolroom again this summer. I may steal a few ideas!

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