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18 July 2010


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O boy! I think you have just inspired me to read it... Or to add it to my reading list :) Please keep the notes coming!


I just realized that I have a copy of this on my shelf already--translator is John K. Ryan. I'm going to start reading it and see how this translation goes.


This is totally a tangent; but I've had the same experience with some of Ratzinger's writing that you described and others of his books I've found very approachable and easy to read.

I think that with Ratzinger's writing there are two kinds of works, two different styles, and two different levels of approachability. I think there's the stuff that is written as a theologian for other theologians and it is dense and, for me, impenetrable. And then there's the stuff that shows what an amazing teacher he is, that is pastoral and very clear while not lacking in complexity or richness.

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