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21 July 2010


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You are NOT ALONE. If I didn't have this problem myself I wouldn't have the following quote taped to the inside of the cabinet next to my computer...which only took me a sec. to open to type it out here...

"Begin available meant I had to tone down all the thoughts and projects that constantly filled my head and make time and room for my children in my busy life. I had to be able to stop what I was doing, take the time to look each of them in the eye, listen to them, and respond. I couldn't just rush through my contact with them on the way to something more "important" No more absentminded "Yes, yes, dear, whatever you want..." only to proceeed on to my next interest, oblivious to their presence or their needs."

It's from Holly Pierlot's A Mother's Rule of Life. That is THE ONLY thing I copied from the book, mainly because I am already a very organized, scheduled person. But this really hit me at the time. Thank you for the reminder. I don't open that cupboard often enough.

Margaret in Minnesota

I love this baby step and am taking it to heart. It's not really a baby step, though, is it? It's HUGE and will, I believe, make an enormous difference in our relationship with our children and in their memories of us.

It was great spending time with you yesterday! Let's plan on doing the 2nd Installment soon.


*I am a big believer in the family dinner hour, but for some reason I don't walk the walk when my husband isn't around.*

Oh, this is so the story of my dinner-life... I will push back dinner later and later, regardless of the ill-effects it has on my kids, to eat with Darwin. What I should do is feed the kids at the appointed hour, and then eat with him later. But I can't get motivated to do that most of the time.

Dorian Speed

Hey, I had to give up yelling at my children for Lent, so you are further along the road to holy parenting than I. This is a very good and simple thing to focus on that can really make a difference.


I definitely could use more than a little work on the looking my kids in the eye and pay attention to them department.

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