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23 July 2010


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Dorian Speed

Blurb has a blog-to-book option, too, and since you've got pictures to go with your story, that might be a good idea. (They are a photo publishing outfit, primarily). I am using their BookSmart software (free) right now to put together our homeschool yearbook and have been pretty pleased.


I like the simple option, but have no services to recommend.
Do you have any pregnancy advice, i.e. what you wish you would have done different, what habits you kept up with during pregnancy?


Hm, pregnancy advice. That is a good point, I was looking through my archives today and noticed there's a big gap in the "weight loss/gluttony" topics coinciding with my pregnancy. I guess I managed not to freak out about it too much.

I don't think I would do very much differently. But that's worth a post on its own...

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