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27 July 2010


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Thanks for the confirmation and encouragement.

I'm very attracted to the LoTH, but not great in actually exercising that attraction.

My husband prays the hours regularly--it's his "default" thing to do, he explains, whenever he has a moment when he's bored/doesn't know what to do next: his FIRST next-thing is whatever hour is nearest (usually a midday hour, as he has regular times for Lauds and Vespers). It's admirable.

We try, too, to do Compline together as much as we can. Thankfully, we both (like Melanie) have significant parts memorized!

I admire your ability to distill simple (yet profound) truths from your daily regular-life experiences. That the discipline needed to lose weight is the same discipline needed to change any habit; that the next thing you're working on "detaching" from is time itself. Who'da thunk it would be such a simple--yet pervasive--thing to detach from? To not get bogged down in details of "it's how long I spend on the computer every day" and to see the big picture of "it's how I want to control time"... marvelous. And brilliant!

Thank you, again.


That gives me hope in starting up the LOTH again. My perfectionism is often the downfall of my intentions. Thanks for posting that, Erin. Melanie, thanks for sharing the wisdom!


Yes, thank you for sharing Melanie!


Thank you for sharing this! I love these suggestions. I, too, try to listen to Morning Prayer on my iPhone using the Divine Office app as I feed my baby his breakfast. Not ideal, as Melanie noted, but certainly better than doing nothing at all! I understand completely the tendency toward perfectionism and the feeling that "if I can't do it 'right,' I won't bother at all." I think Melanie's advice may inspire me to try to work in at least a little bit of the other hours, even imperfectly. Thank you!


I so appreciate the comment about something being better than nothing, and that the grace is not dependent on our actions and depth of attention. We moms have to be flexible, we have to try, and at least open ourselves up to grace as best as we can. Hard, but necessary. I have never enjoyed the LOTH, but have my own prayers that I do appreciate. However, I have felt that maybe I need to give the LOTH a good try, not just a couple of days, but 3 months at least. We'll see. I hate committing because then I feel like an utter failure if it doesn't happen.

Barbara C.

I've been thinking about trying the LOTH. This is a great post about setting up expectations for it. Thanks for passing it on, Erin.


Erin, so glad my comment was helpful. I was a little afraid after I published it that I'd just been blathering on and giving unwanted advice. I hadn't thought to repost it as a blog entry at my place since I've blogged before about LOTH, but maybe I should.

LOTH has born so much fruit in my life. Though I am right now at a period of great struggle as first trimester exhaustion always throws me off schedule. It's helpful to encourage myself as well.

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