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30 July 2010


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I am most interested in your blog posts on _Introduction to the Devout Life_. Please don't take the lack of comments as a lack of interest, at least on my part! Your posts are encouraging me to keep reading the book. In the past, I've always been overwhelmed by the changes every chapter seemed to require of me and would stop reading. Your idea that the book should be read first in its entirety to get an overview and thus discover that he doesn't mean to do it all at once is brilliant.

On the "detachment from time" posts, they also have been very enlightening to me. As I give this thought, it seems that many of my bad habits - too much time on the internet, not paying attention to the kids, neglecting household and work duties - are at base an attempt to corral time for myself. This focus on time for myself makes Francis de Sales' advice on virtues seem impossible to follow. When would I ever be able to "relax" and "be me"!! It's great to see a positive path to improvement coming to light. Thanks!


A lurker here, trying to get off the computer and feed my children:

Ditto what Jeanie said. I've read all of the "the internet is wonderful" posts and the "internet is a time-suck for moms" posts (on other blogs) and I can't help but wonder if there is definitely a place here for moderation....as defined by St. Francis de Sales.

Thank you!

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