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20 July 2010


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Christy Porucznik

You are welcome in the world of weekend luddites. Leave the computer turned off!


One habit at a time!

(besides, saturday mornings are a work time for me.)


Actually, though, now that I think of it, Christy, the question of "When are good Luddite hours for me?" would be one of those things I could try experimenting with. As I do not have a M-F, 8-6 job, "weekend" is not automatically the correct answer, but that's not to say that there are not hours that are good candidates.

(The term "weekend luddite" comes, I think, from the Everyday Systems site?)


This is so interesting; there's so much food for thought here.

I have this ongoing struggle with routines - when they're there, I thrive with them. When they're not, life is total raving chaos. At work I'm pretty good at doing things at the right time, cleaning up as I go along and so on. But that's because there's a certain rhythm to each shift. You do certain things at certain times, and with experience you learn to prioritize within the routine. Everyone knows what the routine is, so if you have an emergency situation and don't have time to, oh, empty the laundry baskets, your colleagues will do it.

Then I go home and everything is a Big Giant Mess, nobody knows what's for dinner, clutter everywhere, when was the last time I watered the plants, etc, etc. At home I have no routines. I wonder if this is because I didn't learn this as a kid, or...? Who knows. Part of it is probably because I work three different shifts, so days where I work days are different than days where I work nights, and those are different from days where I work weekends...

I admire your ability to reflect over your situation - and to get a solution off the ground. I make all sorts of fabulous plans and then they sort of go nowhere. :-(


Whoa there ... this isn't exactly a solution off the ground yet. I'm only on my second day of trying to look at my kids. :-)

Yesterday I managed to do it almost all the time, but possibly this was because I was not at my own house. On the other hand, I had four other children to try to look in the eye besides my own.


Yeah but you did it before, with your weight. I guess I was trying to say that I admire how you use what you learned before to tackle your next problem.

Maybe what you need to write is not a weight loss book but a "how to change" book.


I love this insight about attachment to time being the root cause of these other problems. That seems to bear out in my life as well, now that I think about. I'm eager to track your progress and maybe even tag along and try to work on similar habits. I'd already been trying to work on the looking at the kids one. And at saying yes to interruptions like: read this story now. I wonder if it will help to think of it in terms of recognizing that my time is not my own.

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