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26 July 2010


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In my opinion, comments aren't all that important in a book-like context. I think comments are wonderful for a blog because it (sometimes) generates good discussion. But I tend to think they might take away just a little from the flow of a printable copy.

Cathie B

I agree with Bethany. I wouldn't worry about the comments. If the comments spurred a good discussion, you were very good about making that a separate post.

Dorian Speed

I agree about not worrying about the comments, although I reserve copyright over my own comments in perpetuity for the next twenty-six generations or until the Apocalypse, whichever comes first. You never know what these little gems might be worth.


I think sometimes the comments were useful as a clarification or a discussion, but I also think they would distract from the flow of a book/collection.

Besides, people can always go back to your archives to read the comments for a particular post, right?


You own the comments, even without an explicit disclaimer. However, I'd generally not include them unless the specific comments somehow spurred you to a new line of thought or action or a particular discussion in the comments elucidates a point that is not fully explained in the blog entry. In other words, I'd advocate a selective inclusion of comments if you include them at all.

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