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19 July 2010


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No, wait, don't leave me hanging like that. Part Two soon, please.


aaaaugh! Cliff-hanger!

Waiting with bated breath.


I do that sucked-away thing with books too. It took me a long time to realize that part of my love for reading was escapism. (Not saying *you're* an escapist.)


Okay, two comments: first, how could you leave us hanging like this?! :)

Second, I have often wondered if it isn't all gluttony. For me, I may be able to deny myself some food, but then something else comes in and takes over. Frequently it is reading or knitting. It could be surfing the net. We don't really watch TV, but sometimes I'll get into a series on netflix. To me, gluttony is not just about food, it is a vice that permeates my life... along with sloth. And I firmly believe the two are totally intertwined in my life. It manifests itself in not only not wanting to do the work and prayers I should, but also in not wanting to work against gluttony, to fight against it.

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