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30 August 2010


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Christy Porucznik

Found the same thing when I went to the mall last week. Granted I didn't have much baseline data since my last mall visit was at least 2 years ago, but it seemed pretty empty to me.

Here's a plea to the stores -- please continue to carry small sizes. We deserve to be able try on pants, too. It is not helpful for you to say "that length is only available online" because how can I properly evaluate it that way?

Christy Porucznik

Oh, and BTW, someone who is 5'5" is pretty average, not petite. Sincerely, Christy P.


Average height for American adult females in 1999 was 5 feet, 3.8 inches. According to apparelsearch.com, regular ("misses") size clothing is designed for a 5'5" woman or taller; petite is supposedly for women shorter than that. But 40 percent of women are shorter than 5'5" (and fully one-quarter are 5'1" or shorter, supposedly).

Part of the petite designation has to do with torso length -- if you have a short torso or shorter arms, you might need petites even if you are taller than the average petites. I happen to be short with a short torso, so I'm often too short even for petites clothing. I pretty much live in 3/4 - length sleeves for that reason. I can just barely wear pants/jeans with a 30-inch inseam, at least when the style is meant to come almost to the floor behind my heel and I *have* a heel....

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