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29 August 2010


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My daughter once peed down the air vent in her room when she was 3. :(


You're so right. Everything that we baby-proofed the first time around, we did because my nephew got into it, not because our daughter did. Now that we've got a toddler boy, it's a whole different ballgame. I can't believe how much he keeps us on our toes.


Kelly, ew. :-)

Christy Porucznik

The screen isn't incredibly well attached, and if he tries he can probably defeat it, but so far the visual barrier seems to be enough. We'll see what his next trick is.

BTW - he also loves to press the *%&^ buttons on the oven. Wish I could turn off the beeping noise because then he would stop. The birthday pie was almost wrecked from his manipulations.

Remember when you assigned one of your children to press 'cancel' when the other pressed any other button on my oven?!


Can't Z do the cancel pushing? Or is it too distressing to her to watch Q breaking the rules? :-)

Christy P

Just today she started doing the cancel pushing because he is in love with the broil option.

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