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10 August 2010


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I hadn't thought about prayer before meals, but that's one we practice regularly here as well. My family used to have two or three prayers they added on after grace, which I dropped when starting my own family, but it does lead to some confusion when we're all eating together. (Rule of thumb: whoever is hosting gets to control mealtime prayers.)


Ok, Erin, now I want to hear the story of your friendship, courtship, and marriage to your husband! I've "known" you about 9 years in cyberspace now and have never heard that story!

I love the idea of the 3 minute Eucharistic Adoration, too. Our Church doesn't have Perpetual Adoration (no parish in my large, Catholic city does), but I could get into our Chapel with the Blessed Sacrament (in tabernacle) more often. The kids and I could both benefit greatly from this.


"The" story of our friendship, courtship, and marriage? Who has only one story?

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