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05 August 2010


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*Perhaps we should be suspicious of any feelings of eagerness-to-get-started about any sort of work; eagerness ought to be a warning that we should stop and carefully consider whether the work we are so eager to do is really where we ought to start.*

I often find (both in my own experience and in watching others) that decisions made in great eagerness are often decisions made _too soon_ -- either made without complete information or without mature deliberation. I've become wary of anything that I'm too eager or excited to get started on, because usually it means that I don't know all the facts yet. :)


That whole thing about multitasking is music to my ears. I hate multitasking.

The eagerness thing is sort of familiar, but I'm not sure this is where my own big problems lie. I'm more of a procrastinator. Most things I'm eager to do are by definition much more fun than the little things I ought to be doing.

The part about obedience was more cringe-inducing for me. I do NOT like being subject to anyone else's authority.

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