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06 August 2010


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I was just sitting and going through them this morning after I got home from my night shift (you can consider that a compliment, usually when I try to read after a night shift I fall asleep right away). It's sort of a complicated subject so I don't always read them right when you post them, I feel like I need to sit down when I've got some time on my hands and do some actual contemplation and reflection.

What I mean is: count me in.


I'm following your posts, but have not picked the book up to reread and put it into practice for myself.


I'm planning a reread of Introduction to the Devout Life once I finish my current book, and I plan to read your notes alongside it. I'm enjoying the series!


Following along here too. I'm like Rebekka in that I don't always read it right away but I enjoy them when I have time.


I'm reading them as well, and enjoying the series. I've got too much on my plate to try and follow along, but I could see myself coming back to this series in the future.


I am following along and feel the need to pull the book out again. I have been taking baby steps to working on gluttony. :-)


Also reading along, but without a specific virtue I'm working on.


I'm waiting for one of my Confirmation kids to return my book, and will read through the posts at that time. I'm skipping them right now.


I'm sort of following along; but I'm about ten posts behind. As you might have guessed since that's what I'm replying to. Probably won't catch up; but I haven't completely scrapped the idea of following either. At least the posts are still looking at me, marked unread, in the Google Reader, reminding me where I left off.


I had been skipping them but then read one yesterday which *really* spoke to me so now I'm planning on backtracking (as for the book, I bought it probably a year ago and haven't gotten through the introduction yet. In my defense, my youngest is only 7 months old, and I've been reading fiction. No, those two statements aren't really related. Sorry.).

So as Rebekka said: count me in.


When I see someone is working on a series I am interested in, I usually just skim until they are finished, then read the whole thing. That is what I did with your exercise series -- skimmed it while you were writing it, studied it carefully this year and got some great ideas from it.


I finally get to commenting....

I'm lurking until you finish the series, so I can read it altogether, like a book. I can't seem to get myself to read the WHOLE DeSales book, since my reading time is right before I go to bed, and I'm not too analytical at that point.

Keep 'em coming! I love this!


I just got back from vacation and am catching up. I'm reading along for sure! Please don't stop blogging.

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