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02 August 2010


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Perhaps make small fabric drawstring bags for each child and then have a place to hang the bags?


Is it the whole package that makes you crazy or is it the cords that get tangled? If it's the latter... I have this thingy called a bobino I use for my ear buds, they come in three sizes depending on the size of the cable. www.mybobino.com
I assume they have a US site.


I forgot to add: the nifty thing is that you leave it on the cord, you just wind or unwind it depending on how long you want the cord to be.


well, on a totally different take the first thought that came to my mind was a rosary holder -- the kind that have hooks and then they hang from the hooks. Maybe something like that.

Christy P

Stuff the cords into toilet paper rolls?


It's not just the cords... I also need to put the headphones somewhere. I mean, keeping the cords from tangling will help. But also, it needs to be a solution that will be easy enough to manage that small children can do it.

Kate's fabric bags are not a bad idea, actually. I had been thinking about hanging the headphones from the jack end somehow... maybe having a holder on the wall that I could plug them into! I wonder if Radio Shack could help me out here.

Morgan D.

What about a hook for the headphones, and then these stuck to the wall underneath:


Should be fairly easy for small children.


Hm, Morgan, that looks pretty good...

I asked some IRL friends, too... and googled around. One suggested a paper towel holder (open on one end) with some kind of container on the wall below it to corral the cords. I might try that. Bought some hooks too. Last night I played around with various things I gathered and thought of putting them all on the outside of a cylindrical oatmeal box (which I have because it's the baby's favorite toy) with the cords stored inside the box. Will let you know if that works!

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