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31 August 2010


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And... they kept pretty glued to the reading, too!


I know! I have learned that drawing little bitty planes and tanks and bullets and ships on scraps of paper doesn't necessarily mean they are not listening :-)


Just to help with first-person sources, you might want to go to the Veterans History Project (www.loc.gov/vets). They do actually have some oral history of some of the last WWI veterans, plus they have other digitized material of diaries and photos, etc. They have LOTS more for WWII, etc.


I love this highly focused look at one day's lesson. Too often homeschooling blogs give you the big picture but don't show you the nitty gritty of how those plans play out in a single day.

About the little bitty planes and tanks and bullets and ships... I can so relate!
Once in college a philosophy professor pulled me aside after class to express his concern about the very elaborate drawings with which I was decorating my notebook margins during his lecture. I told him the time to be concerned was when I was _not_ drawing. I really do listen better when doodling. Mine tended more towards flowers and Celtic knot designs though. Not so much on the tanks and bullets.


Yeah, I draw the line at "pow pow" sounds though.

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